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The only word that can express the emotions rising from a turbulent heart is monstrosity



The photo is of the state of war between Israel and the Gaza Strip taken from space.

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bumkeyk: 뭐야 이중독성있는 멜로디는 (what is this addictive melody)

SHINee’s Taemin preparing to make his solo debut

On July 25, insiders revealed that Taemin was currently working on his debut solo album and that the release was scheduled for August. SM Entertainment later confirmed the news, but the agency added that a date has not been set. The agency’s rep stated, "It’s true that he’s preparing, but the schedule and details have not been decided yet."

It was also revealed that the SHINee maknae flew to America to work with choreographers there. He’ll be perfecting the dance for his first solo track before entering music video filming.

Stay tuned for more info! Are you excited for Taemin’s solo debut?!

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Jonghyun @ Polaroid KakaoTalk ‘Moving Sticker’ Event 
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Jonghyun @ Polaroid KakaoTalk ‘Moving Sticker’ Event

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140725 Keystagram @ KST5:30pm:

zorro practicing yes i do

SHINee Taemin to release solo album, release date not confirmed

MBN reported on 25 July 2014, “According an insider, Taemin is currently in the midst of preparing his solo album, the album is currently in the final stage of production, no release date has been set but estimated to release in mid August.”

The insider also revealed, “Taemin has put in a lot of effort for the new album and even specially flew to the US to learn choreography from a well-known choreographer, he is currently in the midst of practicing the choreography for the upcoming MV recording schedule.

S.M. Entertainment also revealed to news1, “Taemin is indeed preparing for his solo album but other details and release date have not yet been finalised.”

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[Screen caps]140724 Key @ MBC ‘Stargazing’

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140724 Minho @ MBC Show Music Core Facebook Update

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