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[MV Review] Taemin ‘Danger’

Taemin has finally made his solo debut with his mini-album, 'Ace.’  It’s hard to believe SHINee's maknaehas matured into a man, but he’s holding his own by showing fans how talented he really is.   

On August 15, SMTown released the music video for his lead single, "Danger."  The track has a unique sound (think Michael Jackson EXO SHINee).  The song is an upbeat dance, electro song about some ‘Twilight'-ish love story.  His vocals are really smooth, ranging from a low whisper/growl to the high-pitched, “dangerrrr." And of course, this dark yet catchy song paves way for an artistically creative music video. 

Although there isn’t a storyline to the video, there is a lot of style in the lighting, angles, and concept of each shot/scene.  For example, I love the contrast of the dim-lit warehouse to the all-white room.  In addition, Taemin dons a lot of interesting looks. From a sparkly blazer to a nose-to-earring, a sweat band, a mesh shirt, there were so many different accessories that he made all look incredibly eerie throughout the video.

As for the dance and choreography, Taemin has been known to be a dance-machine, so it’s no surprise that his motions are clean and fluid.  The dance is reminiscent of SHINee’s previous single, "Everybody,” with an added twist to it.  While there isn’t a “point” dance move that you are going to see non-dancers (like myself trying to copy), it looks complicatedly cool nonetheless. 


Overall, I think his debut single and music video are good—I think he represents himself and his own individual style really well.  With further growth and development, I’m excited to see what else he has in store for us! 

credit and via allkpop