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TRANS: Because I’m Jonye JabDeok (ie. job dodeok = dedicated spirit) I prepared another photo for fx fans Kyoong! (*dropping sound) Everyone’s telling me that I speak weird and to cut off the LAN line..But the trend of the time is heading towards wireless oh World’s best wi-fi providing country oh I love you! Korea! (@shiningtweets)

140711 Key @ Garcons

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140714 Host Pengyu’s weibo after ‘The Ultimate Group’ recording:

Rushed to the airport at 6am, SHINee started recording immediately upon reaching; 5 little lads were very professional, singing dancing and very sporting; Taemin were surprised when there’s birthday celebration, protected Onew from talking much; Key can really roll his eyeballs, Minho has fast reflex actions during games; Jonghyun is very talented, taught them “Little Apple” choreography; even though feeling tired but pretty high, MC feeling younger by 20 years ah 20 years.

Translation: eimanjjong

140714 Taemin playing the piano during pre-recording for “The Ultimate Group”

140714 Onew letting MC Pengyu have a taste of his ttakbam

140714 SHINee pre-recording for “The Ultimate Group”

140714 SHINee pre-recording for “The Ultimate Group”

140714 Ex-After School member Bekah updated instagram of selfies with Key:

Reunited and it feels gooooood. Through thick & thin. @bumkeyk

Tentative broadcast schedules according to their pre-recordinf sequences for “The Ultimate Group”:-

Ist episode on 140725: Super Junior
140801: SNSD
140808: BoA
140815: f(x)
140822: SHINee

Next up to pre-record is EXO

Source: SHINee Baidu Bar

[NEWS] SHINee Key to star as “Zorro” in a new musical

On July 15th, SM Entertainment confirmed that SHINee’s almighty Key will be taking part in his fourth musical, “Zorro”, and will be joining the cast as the main titular character.

Key has been earning praises for his musical skills since he took part in “Catch Me If You Can”, “Bonnie & Clyde”, and most recently, “The Three Musketeers”. Having already learned the art of swordplay for his character, D’Artagnan, Key is sure to pick up the moves quickly for his new musical challenge.  

"Zorro" is a musical inspired by the 2005 fictional biography of the same name, written by Chilean author Isabel Allende. It contains references to the 1998 film "The Mask of Zorro", which starred Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Key will be sharing the main role with singer Wheesung and Beast’s Yoseob. “Zorro” will begin its run from August 27th till October 26th at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul.

Information on how to get tickets and Key’s scheduled performances will be available soon.

Meanwhile, you may check out snippets of the musical from the original West End Theatre run below!


Source: Naver
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